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VirtualDub is a free software used for video editing, processing and converting. Windows Microsoft users are welcome to use this software designed to process large files, linear videos, compress and filter files. This software comes with a lot of powerful features that comes handy. To prove that VirtualDub is exceptional, here are some of its noteworthy features.

Video Editing – VirtualDub allows user to edit videos by simply adding and removing segments in a video. This software may not allow users to mix segments in different files however it certainly allows user to reorder some segments.

Video Filters – VirtualDub is filled with tons of video filter features. One can reduce the size of a video into half, convert video files into AVI, whether it is compressed or not, greyscale and rotate it arbitrarily, and edit audio tracks without touching the video.

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VirtualDub Features

System Support – VirtualDub supports Windows Microsoft Platforms. Therefore, Windows 7 and 8 users are welcome to use this software and same goes for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Fast Operation – VirtualDub works fast, conversion can be done in an easy and speedy manner. This software is capable of 40 fps or frames per second speed. If one performs tweaking tasks its speed increases up to 55 frames per second. For real time speed, it works up to 1.3x to 1.8x.

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